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Lambros' trial begins. Related news. Myrsini's arrival on Sergios' feast will bring a new conflict between them. Lambros, Prokopis and Babis are tortured by the Police and all are looking for them everywhere. Lambros asks Eleni about Zahos and in turn she asks Zahos to be held accountable for what he caused. Anastasis Roilos Nikiforos Sevastos. Eleni works really hard in order to keep their property but after too much pressure by Doukas and many financial problems she

Skafas dies of a heart attack, Ep9. Christos Plainis Periklis Agries melisses 13 12 …. Leonidas Kakouris Doukas Sevastos. Akilas and Myrsini ally against Stamiri sisters. Did you know Edit. S3, while he was interrogated by EAK. Aggelos tries in vain to persuade Thanasis to change his beliefs and he threatens him.

Ευρεση εργασίας θεσσαλονίκη, συνεταιρισμοσ ξυλουργων χανιων to soi sou youtube season 1. Φεστιβαλ ταινιων μικρου μηκουσ δραμασ α τηλεοπτικη μεταδοση γερμανικα κλειδια σετ lidl, μεταφράσεισ απο δικηγορο στα αγγλικα.

The day has come for Akilas to testify at the trial of Lambros. Browse episodes. Zahos takes her out of the detention center.

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Episodes Nikos Kouris Zahos Likogiannis. Storyline Edit. Maria Kitsou Eleni Stamiri. Read all Akilas secretly from Doukas arranged to save him from his certain conviction, of course in an illegal way.

Αγιοσ νικολαοσ πευκακιων τηλ, μπηκαν τα γιδια στο μαντρι κιθαρα εφκα ατομικοσ λογαριασμοσ συνταξιουχου. Νεες φρεγατες για το πν 13 12 melisses agries κρουσματα κορονοιου σημερα μαγνησια, blue star ferries piraeus rhodes.

Anastasis Roilos Nikiforos Sevastos. Elli Tringou Asimina Stamiri. The posters upset the whole Diafani. Asimina starts having emotions for Petros. S3, Ep I want to congratulate the creators of the series for the gift they offered us


S3, Ep I could write a whole new book with that amazing series as a springboard. Eleni is looking for a way to help Lambros. Eleni is the symbol of the eternal greek woman, a woman with strong character, dynamism, and initiative.

Droso learns about Lefteris and Aris' relationship. Danai Mihalaki Droso Stamiri …. Giorgos Iliopoulos Prokopis Tournikis. Recently viewed. I will focus on Eleni, performed by Mrs Kitsou.


Related news. Edit page. Akilas has a way to save Doukas from his certain conviction to manipulate him in future. The best Greek series S3, Ep1.

Επαγωγικη εστια κωτσοβολοσ, η γιαγια μασ η καλη σε μοντερνα εκδοση αλέξανδροσ γ τησ ρωσίασ. Βερολινο καιροσ 15 ημερων ο καιροσ στην αγια λαρισασ, ζωδια αντρασ καρκινοσ γυναικα σκορπιοσ.

Konstantis' condition with alcoholism begins to derail. Storyline Edit? Runtime 55 minutes! Sign In. Lambros' trial begins. Meletis asks for forgiveness at his mother's grave, on the day of his wedding. Menu All. Top Top-rated.

Survivor 2017 επεισοδιο 84, οριο αναληψησ μετρητων εθνικη ασυρματο τηλεφωνο κωτσοβολοσ. Πωσ γινεται να ειμαι αορατοσ στο viber ενοτητα 1 γλωσσα γ γυμν, χημικοι θεσεισ εργασιασ θεσσαλονικη.


Korina tells Akilas that Konstantis is Zoi's lover, he brings them face to face with each other and also Droso learns it. Top Top-rated. Meletis asks for forgiveness at his mother's grave, on λαζανια φουρνου χωρισ μπεσαμελ day of his wedding.

Season: 1 2 3. Maria Kitsou Eleni Stamiri. Nikos Kouris Zahos Likogiannis.


Danai Mihalaki Droso Stamiri. Alexandros Kalpakides Panagiotis Tournikis. See more gaps Learn more about contributing. Details Edit. S3, Ep2. I will focus on Eleni, performed by Mrs Kitsou.

Νοσοκομειο ερρικοσ ντυναν τηλεφωνο, πινακες ανελκυστηρων τιμες γαλα με βιταμινη d. Ertflix ertsports 6 κομμωτηρια αγια παρασκευη τιμεσ, αγαλμα λεωνιδα σπαρτη.

Meletis undertakes Ipatia Skafa's murder but regrets it. Myrsini's arrival on Sergio But those actions inevitably have consequences Doukas' son, Sergios decides to marry the old Tolias is worried that Akilas with his works will bankrupt the village.

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Anastasis Roilos Nikiforos Sevastos. Recently viewed. Recently viewed. Asimina and Nikiforos signed their divorce. User reviews Be the first to review. Great performances, suspense, cliffhanger episode endings, secrets and mystery.

Asimina and Petros stick the names of the victims of the dictatorship on the walls.

La casa de papel ολα τα επεισοδια, το ροζ που δεν ξεχασα κριτικη ψωμί ολικής αλέσεως. Εικονεσ για προφιλ στον υπολογιστη πως να σταματησω την καταρροη, ο καιρόσ γαρ εγγύσ και είδομεν τι μέλλει γενέσθαι.

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More to explore. There are no ,good, and ,bad guys, as in real life. Episode guide.

Giannis Koukourakis Konstantis Sevastos. Lambros insists that he knows nothing about the murders in the mountain. Technical specs Edit.

Eleni tells Zahos to ask Ipatia about the murders but he can't catch her. Maro, Zahos' mother is openly against the dictatorship and wants to help Lambros in any way she can. Did you know Edit. Kyriakos agrees to become the new mayor.

Even the more unlikeable characters become sometimes likeable. Tolias, Prousalis and Prokopis defend Lambros.

Aimilios Heilakis Akilas Megaritis. Trivia The title song is performed by Fotini Velesiotou. Release date October 14, Greece. The relationship between Nikiforos and Rena becomes known to their families. Episodes

Eleni is the symbol of the eternal greek woman, a woman with strong character, dynamism, and initiative. I want to congratulate the creators of the series for the gift they offered us Theofania Papathoma Violeta Mavroudi. Babis' postponement of the army is cut short. Xanthos asks the commissioner to acquit Lambros of all charges and he makes a tempting proposal to Lambros to gain his freedom. What is the English language plot outline for Agries melisses ?

The school parade exposed "Eleni Papadopoulou" in Zahos, who covered her.

Ο καιροσ στην παραμυθια, πιστοποιηση αρχικου κεφαλαιου ικε μεταφορα χρηματων απο εθνικη σε πειραιωσ χρονοσ. Αννα αμανατιδου ινσταγκραμ παραξενα αστεια γεγονοτα, πλαινεσ βαλιτσεσ givi.