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Shop now. New South Wales. Mercedes-Benz claims fuel economy figures of 6. Motor Shows. The C coupe is powered by a 2.

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City Cars. Drive's Best Cars. Tom Fraser. New Models. C-Class convertible models will follow in December.

Mercedes-Benz claims fuel economy figures of 6. Got a discount code?

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Industry Sales. Drive's Best Cars. Drive TV. Prestige Cars. Reviews 0. AirMatic suspension remains an option. Shop now. The coupe will ride on inch front, the coupe variants will bolster the C-Class range, performance exhaust and electronic differential.

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Buying Advice. Like the Cd sedan, the coupe is powered by a 2. In order to reduce the chance of crack and break, we use high-quality Carbon Fiber and Polypropylene to manufacture unique parts that are more durable than any other materials. Drive's Best Cars.

Buying Advice. Trending News. Cars for Sale. Kia Stinger axed in the UK, but safe in Australia for now.

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Alborz Fallah. Mercedes-Benz claims a very low 4.

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We can start the application process online or telephonically, complete the entire sale this way and even deliver the vehicle to your doorstep anywhere in South Africa. Education and awareness are the principles that keep us ahead of the curve. Owning Advice. Looks like you haven't made a choice yet. The bonnet is an extra 40mm longer, while the smaller rear seats have allowed for 8mm more headroom at the front same legroom 28mm more elbow room.

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Cars for Sale. Tom Fraser. C-Class convertible models will follow in December. Please note: The data displayed above details the usual specification of the most recent model of this vehicle. Drive's Best Cars. Submit Owner Car Review. Buying Advice.

Looks like you haven't made a choice yet. Please Note: Administration, delivery and license and registration fees are not included.php. It will do in six seconds flat while using a claimed 6. Driving Advice. Shop now. Arriving two years after the introduction of the sales-leading C-Class sedan and wagon, the coupe variants will bolster the C-Class range, so that it can better contest with the more complete BMW 3 and 4 Series ranges.

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