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Bonnie's strange encounter affects everyone. Live Through This 40m. Netflix and The CW first struck their exclusive streaming deal in , which was renewed in and expired in , so you can expect to see plenty more The CW favorites shuffling off of Netflix in the future. At Whitmore College, Elena and Caroline decide to throw a big party, but their plans are interrupted when Jesse suddenly needs Caroline's help.

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What Lies Beneath 41m. As Elena struggles to choose between conflicted vampire Stefan and his brother, Kelly Melinda Clarke, Damon. Anna brings a surprising guest to pay a visit to Damon. Gia sas pu spoilarete. Matt γιαουρτι με ανανα και αμυγδαλα hopeful that his m.

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Bonnie waxes nostalgic about happier days. Damon grapples with a critical decision. S1, Ep1.

Most of them are easily detected by Netflix and are unable to access region-locked titles, like The Vampire Diaries. The Last Day 41m. Klaus uses violence to convince Damon and Elena that no one will be safe until he finds Stefan and gets his family back.

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Rescue Me 41m. Damon and Alaric try to stop John Gilbert from setting a plan in motion to bring Founder's Day to an end amid chaos, destruction and death. As the full moon nears, Caroline helps Tyler prepare for transformation. Elena and Rebekah engage in a power struggle, until Rebekah reveals some of her family's ancient secrets επαγγελματικη φωτογραφηση τιμεσ the violent past she shares with Klaus.

Elena gets good news when she and Caroline host a celebration at the dorm. As the full moon arrives, Elena prepares for whatever Klaus has planned and Tyler faces his second transformation.

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The Cell 41m. Bonnie waxes nostalgic about happier days. Complications build around the merge ceremony and threaten to explode. Sit back, relax, and enjoy The Vampire Diaries on your device. As Elena and Bonnie hustle to help Jo prepare for her wedding, Stefan offers Damon relationship advice.

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In a flashback to the s, he comes face-to-face with a shocking chapter from his wild past. Expecting him to show up at the s Decade Dance, Damon and Alaric attend as chaperones. After an encounter with an angry spirit, Damon asks Bonnie for help. Elena must confront her dark past.

Trying to catch Elijah off guard, Damon arranges a dinner party for him with Jenna, Alaric and Andie.

Disturbing Behavior 40m. Trapped in adolescent bodies, feuding vampire brothers Stefan and Damon vie for the affection of captivating teenager Elena. Damon and Stefan have a candid talk about the future. While Damon tries to get the truth out of Jules, he asks Elena to keep an eye on Rose, a situation that turns unexpectedly dangerous. Bonnie makes a secret deal with heartbreaking consequences. Stand By Me 42m.

Where Is “The Vampire Diaries” Streaming Now?

Matt is hopeful his mom will stay. Hello, Brother 42m. Valerie gets key facts about Stefan from Damon.

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Stefan and Elena attempt a romantic weekend getaway, not realizing that they've been followed. Alaric helps Elena process her grief, and an enigmatic new girl arrives in Mystic Falls. Bonnie's abilities surprise Damon. A new acquaintance gives Bonnie some valuable information. Caroline finds that her plans for the perfect prom night are disrupted by Elena.

Jeremy is furious when Klaus tries to control him by putting Matt's γαμπροσ απ το λονδινο ok ru in danger. Sheriff Forbes finds herself embroiled in a the vampire diaries netflix greece scheme.

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When Did the Series Leave Netflix?

Κάτι έπαθε και δεν παίζονται τα επεισόδια πωσ καθαριζουμε το ψυγειο του αυτοκινητου μπορείτε φτιάξτε το More Like This. When Stefan tries to explain recent events to a sick Elena, her first instinct is to call Damon. Stefan helps Elena reinvent herself and start anew.

Damon tries a new tactic to resolve his issues with Mason. As Elena and her friends move closer to high school graduation, a new villain arrives in Mystic Falls and sets about destroying it. Do Not Go Gentle 42m. Reeling from the death of her parents, year-old Elena becomes interested in a handsome new student named Stefan, who's hiding a dark secret.

The Vampire Diaries

S1, Ep8. The End of the Affair 42m. Damon, Bonnie and Alaric take a road trip. Stefan escorts Elena to the town's Founder's Party. Elijah proposes a life-changing challenge for Rebekah. This show is

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Total Eclipse of the Heart 42m. Elena's plan to celebrate Bonnie's birthday takes an ominous turn. Bonnie's abilities surprise Damon. A View to a Kill 41m. Fool Me Once 41m. An Eternity of Misery 42m. Set on the Amalfi Coast, an upper-class woman defies social and family conventions when she falls in love with a mysterious man half her age.

Bonnie's strange encounter affects everyone. Heartbroken by an unexpected tragedy, Damon is focused on holding himself together while pushing Bonnie to stop the disintegration of the Other Side. When a confused and desperate Caroline leaves the hospital and joins her friends at the Mystic Falls Carnival, Damon wants to take immediate action. As Elena and her friends move closer to high school graduation, a new villain arrives in Mystic Falls and sets about destroying it.

You're Undead to Me 41m. Available to download. We're Planning a June Wedding 42m.

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Smells Like Teen Spirit 41m. Stefan undergoes a major change -- and a change of venue. Expecting him to show up at the s Decade Dance, Damon and Alaric attend as chaperones. Damon gets sobering news, and Sarah stirs Enzo's emotions.

Damon hitches a ride to the dark side. Resident Evil 42m. Enzo takes drastic actions that could backfire. Kill or Be Killed 41m.

Most of them are easily detected by Netflix and are unable to access region-locked titles, like The Vampire Diaries. Acting on a mysterious tip that a plot is brewing against him in New Orleans, Klaus makes a trip to the town he and his family helped build. History Repeating 42m. Woke Up with a Monster 41m. To protect his sister, Jeremy makes a decision that will change everything. A Halloween party unmasks some guests.

Caroline receives a cheerful surprise at college. Ωραια ταινια δρασης που διαδραματιζεται μεσα σε υπεροχο χιονισμενενο τοπιο απο τα βουνα του Καναδα. Coming Home Was a Mistake 42m.

Fool Me Once 41m. Unpleasantville 41m. Elena and Caroline compete in a beauty pageant.

In its third spooky season, the teen drama sheds an eerie light on the mysterious and blood-soaked past of rival vampire siblings Stefan and Damon. This means that its content library changes depending on your location. Stefan faces a reckoning for his violent past.

A powerful vampire hunter comes to Mystic Falls with a long-standing score to settle. Damon attends a tea at the Historical Society. Miss Mystic Falls 41m. Stefan does his best to reach out to a confused Tyler.

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